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An Oregon benefit company

Located in Portland, Oregon


All photographs taken by Tim Martin or used with permission.

See "Home" page for legal disclaimer and disclosures.

Our Value Proposition

Fiduciary Duty (in your best interests)

As a registered investment adviser (RIA), we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests when conducting financial planning.  Additionally, we must uphold a fiduciary oath to maintain membership in XY Planning Network, an organization dedicated to modernizing and raising the standards of the financial planning profession.

Apply Your Life Goals and Values to Your Finances

We will discuss your personal, professional, and family goals and also the values that you promote.  Money is merely a tool to achieve your goals and to live a great life.  What truly matters to you should drive your financial plan.

Monitor Investment Accounts Not Managed by Our Firm

We will monitor all your accounts and integrate them into your financial plan.  You don't have to transfer accounts to us as a condition for our financial planning service.  We provide a way for you to get advice even if you only have employer-based retirement accounts.

Financial Planning Policy Statement

This document is a product of our initial planning process and will provide a roadmap for completing the tasks required by your financial plan.  Creating the Financial Planning Policy Statement should help you articulate and prioritize your goals.  The Policy Statement will then help us link those goals to technical planning strategies.

Human Capital

Your true net worth goes beyond your investment portfolio.

In fact, your career earning potential is probably your biggest asset.  Are you protecting and growing that potential?  Your profession, industry, job security, and other skills could all affect your financial plan.  We will also discuss other human factors like your health, the health of your family, the lifestyle you want to live, the "human capital" others in your household provide, etc.

Social Capital

The way you interact with society may influence your financial plan.  First, you may have social connections that can help you achieve specific goals more quickly.  Second, the way you choose to contribute to society affects how you allocate your time and money.  Should you save extra money or give to your favorite charity?  Take a second job or volunteer?  Do you want to support responsible companies or keep more of your money local to enhance your community?

Sustainable Living (Natural Capital)

Considering energy efficiency upgrades?  Can you afford to go organic?  Need to change your buying habits?  We don't have a sustainability coach, but we enjoy exploring these issues with you to see what fits in your budget.

The earth does an amazing job at cleaning up our pollution, but her ecosystem services can only handle so much.  Future generations may not inherit the same environment if we don't start investing in natural capital.  If you agree, let's talk about ways to promote natural capital through your finances.

Robust Risk Assessment

We will assess your overall Risk Profile by (1) exploring your attitudes toward risk (risk tolerance), (2) assessing your risk capacity, and (3) discussing the risk required to achieve your goals.  Don't worry - it will be fun!  Knowing your Risk Profile will help you make decisions in several areas, including how to invest, how much to save now for retirement, how much debt you can handle, and how to choose the right amount of insurance coverage.  This process should help ease your financial anxiety.

Dynamic Financial Software!

You will have constant access to your financial plan in our modern personal financial management software.  With one login you can see your budget, view your net worth, see account activity, check-off your financial tasks, and view the progress toward your goals!  We don't just give you a paper copy of your financial plan that may be outdated in a month.

Our financial plans are dynamic.  On any given day, we can all log in, see the same data, and discuss adjustments via phone or video conference.

Online Document Vault and Secure File Sharing

Our awesome financial management software includes a secure vault in which to store important documents.  You will have a private folder and a folder through which we can share documents. This will keep you organized and reduce the amount of personal information we transfer via email!

Estate & Legacy Planning Advice

Even if you don't need complex estate tax planning, most people could use assistance with legacy planning.  Have you executed the proper documents?  Does your family know where those documents are?  Do you have a guardian for your children?  Are you ready to be an executor for your parents' estates?  Do you need to update beneficiary designations on your accounts and policies?  Note: We do not set up trusts or provide legal advice regarding estate taxes.  We will, however, help you get organized so your time with an attorney can be more efficient.


Yes, you probably need a budget if you don't have one.

Budgeting isn't necessarily about restrictions, but about awareness of where you spend your money.  Since cash flow planning is so foundational to the rest of your financial plan, we think you will come to truly appreciate budgeting!

Consumer Finance Decisions

Are you ready to buy a house?  Should you buy or lease a new car?  Need to improve your credit score?  You will be just a phone call away from receiving objective advice.

Tax Management Advice

We will assess and monitor your tax situation.  We will even show you a projected Form 1040 tax return for the current and next tax years!  Are you expecting a large increase or decrease in income?  Do you know what credits might apply to you?  Did you have lots of realized capital gains this year?

Are you close to thresholds or phase-outs?  How will your taxes look in retirement?  We do not provide legal advice on tax law and are not experts in all areas of tax law, but taxes certainly affect your finances and should be integrated into your financial plan.  Note: We don't provide tax preparation services, but may help you find appropriate tax preparation solutions.

Retirement Need Analysis & Planning

We will analyze your current retirement plan and help you set a proper course.  (Remember, no retirement plan is still a plan — just not a good one.)  We will project your expenses in retirement based on your needs and wants, estimate your income in retirement, and compare your current plan to alternative plans.

Employee Benefits Advice

Are you taking full advantage of your employee benefits?

Are they integrated with the rest of your financial plan?  Let's discuss.

Insurance Needs Analysis (Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Home & Auto, Umbrella)

As a fee-only financial planner, we don't sell insurance or annuities.  Thus, we can help you objectively assess your insurance needs and find an appropriate, low cost provider. We'll even go deeper and discuss risk management techniques across all major areas of your financial plan (accept risks, mitigate risks, self-insure, or buy protection).

Education Savings & Student Loans

We will factor college costs into your plan and review your student loan situation to see what options exist.

Debt Management Advice

Do you have debt?  Is it good debt or bad debt?  Do you need a repayment strategy?

Behavioral Financial Management

No psychological analysis — but we recognize that emotions can affect our financial decisions.  We will help you stick to your financial plan and make reasoned decisions.

Organize Your Finances

Do you have accounts and files and statements everywhere?!

We'll help you decide what to keep and get organized.

You'll also have access to a secure online document vault that's connected to your financial plan!

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

We enjoy helping people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s craft a financial plan that allows them to live a great life and pursue their goals.  The sooner you have a plan in place, the longer it has to work to help you achieve your goals.

Objective Advice

Since Comprehensive Financial Planning clients pay us a fixed fee for advice, we have less incentive to "collect assets" to take a percentage for compensation.*  Thus, we won't pressure you to transfer accounts to us.  It may be in your best interest to leave an account where it is, to invest certain assets with a specialized adviser, or to manage some accounts yourself.   Furthermore, the more fees you pay out of an investment account, the slower that account grows.

*Comprehensive Financial Planning clients who sign an additional contract for us to manage some or all of their investment assets will pay us a percentage of assets under management (AUM) based on our fee schedule.  See the "Investment Management" page for more details and pricing.

No Assets Required!

You don't have to invest any assets with us to get financial advice.  Are you a young professional with a decent income but no investment accounts?  No problem.  Do you have a small account with your parents' advisor but aren't sure if the advisor wants to work with you — or you hesitate to ask for advice since you are just an add-on account?  Because of our fee structure, you can pay for advice out of your income and get the help you need to build your assets.

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