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© 2018 by Handcrafted Financial Values LLC

An Oregon benefit company

Located in Portland, Oregon


All photographs taken by Tim Martin or used with permission.

See "Home" page for legal disclaimer and disclosures.

Our Investment Management service includes:

  • An Investment Policy Statement – developed collaboratively

  • An assessment of your Risk Profile

  • A portfolio allocation based on your Risk Profile, current financial situation, and goals

  • Tax efficient allocation of investments across accounts

  • Low cost funds*

  • Rebalancing at appropriate intervals

  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) strategies available

  • Management of both IRAs and taxable investment accounts


What makes HFV


as an investment manager?


Fiduciary Advice (in your best interests)

As a registered investment adviser (RIA), we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests when providing advice on any of your investment accounts.  Additionally, we must uphold a fiduciary oath to maintain membership in XY Planning Network, an organization dedicated to modernizing and raising the standards of the financial planning profession.

Independent Advice

We don't get paid commissions, and we don't work for a larger company that also sells funds or other products.  As an independent registered investment adviser (RIA), we can truly give you objective advice when recommending specific mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other options for how to allocate your assets.

Robust Risk Assessment

Does your current portfolio fit your Risk Profile?  Determining your Risk Profile should involve more than just picking 1 of 5 statements that "best describes" you.  We will (1) explore your attitudes toward risk (risk tolerance), (2) assess your risk capacity, and (3) discuss the risk required to achieve your goals.  Don't worry - it will be fun!  And should help ease your financial anxiety.

Socially Responsible Investing and Values-Based Investing

We want to help you invest responsibly — whatever that means for you.  Whether you want to invest in a broad SRI fund or divest from a certain industry or company, we will help you find a solution.  We understand that no one-size-fits-all solution exists and that SRI is not always easy to integrate into a portfolio.  However, we will listen to your values, discuss options, and explore new opportunities as this field continues to grow.  To read more of our thoughts on SRI, click on our "Socially-Conscious Advice" page.

Investment Policy Statement

We will not invest your money until we have collaboratively developed an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  Your IPS is based on your Risk Profile, current financial situation, and goals.  The objectives and instructions in your IPS operate as a mission statement as we invest and monitor your portfolio. The IPS can also act as a behavioral management tool to calm anxiety when the unexpected happens in the market or in your financial situation.

Integration of Household Accounts

We will assess your current financial situation and analyze all of your investment accounts in order to integrate the account we manage with any other accounts you own.  You may have employer retirement accounts or other accounts you want to leave in place.  No problem.  We will help you determine an overall investment strategy so that the money we manage truly furthers your best interests.  Note: While we will periodically review your outside accounts to assess your overall financial picture, we will not continuously monitor or manage those outside accounts.

Tax-Efficient Allocation

If you have more than one type of investment account, we can create a strategy to put certain types of investments in certain types of accounts in a way that may lower your current and future taxes and increase your growth potential.

Dealing with Emotions

Because we are human, we get excited when the markets jump and uneasy during big drops — even if we have long-term goals.  Should you actually buy or sell?  We will help you reassess your situation and risk tolerance during major market swings or economic turmoil.  We want to help people make proper decisions — not rash decisions.

No Asset Minimum

We don't have an asset minimum because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to obtain personalized, in-person, fiduciary investment advice.

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* We believe the fees and expenses of investments are a significant factor when creating an appropriate portfolio.  Thus, we favor passively-managed index funds.  For some clients, though, other factors will outweigh cost when choosing appropriate investments, as determined by their Investment Policy Statement.  For example, some socially responsible investments have a higher cost because they are actively managed.  For more information about our investment philosophy, please review our Form ADV Part 2 (if it fails to download, see the bottom of our "Home" page for instructions):